Nokor Bachey sanctuary is a social and recorded site. It is found 2.2 kilometers from Kampong Cham common town along National Road 7, around 122 kilometers upper east of Phnom Penh.

Guests going from Phnom Penh will see the entryway to the pagoda on the privilege. The sanctuary was implicit the center of the eleventh century, amid the rule of Suryavarman II and King Ouphey dedecating to Brahmanism. The sanctuary is around 200 meters inside the door. The site is accessibleto a wide range of vehicles.The renowned spot of Nokor Bachey Temple, Kampong Cham is a great spot to visit in the nation of Cambodia. 

The area of Kampong Cham is overflowing with awesome picturesque spots alongside a few chronicled landmarks. Nokor Bachey Temple, Kampong Cham is one such fortune of the area. The verifiable spots of this territory are antiquated and have their own particular history to describe. The Nokor Bachey Temple, Kampong Cham can be effortlessly gotten to from the common town of Kampong Cham. You will need to take the national Road No 7 that connections Phnom Penh and Kampong Cham. Any kind of vechiles can get to the Nokor Bachey Temple in Kampong Cham as it is arranged along the national roadway. The Nokor Bachey Temple, Kampong Cham can be partitioned into four particular structures that have been named as long structures. 

The main long working of Nokor Bachey Temple of Kampong Cham is 421 meters and 371 meters in measurement made of laterite stones. The tallness is of 9 meters and length is of 2.4 meters. Most piece of this building is annihilated after some time. Inside this building you will discover structures like Six Lions, Eight mythical beasts and two fallen angels. The Second long building is likewise a delightful design structure that incorporates two statues of Te Cho Dam Din, two demons each of1.6-meter in stature and two lakes, each having the extent of 20 meter. The most critical one is the third long building, where you will discover eight-hand statue of Preah Norey situated close to the passage. A four-hand statue of Preah Norey is situated on the left hand side of the Nokor Bachey Temple, Kampong Cham. At long last comes the fourth long building, which is likewise made of laterite stone and can be gotten to from 12 headings. Amidst the building you will locate a high crest made of sandstone with Buddhist statue. Nokor Bachey Temple is one of the real Tourist Attractions in Kampong Cham.