Prey Nor Kor Knong Krau Temple Is an old site situated at the Southeast of Kampong Cham region, at Prey Nor Kor town, Daun Tey Commune, Ponhea Krek locale out there of 42 Kilometers from

the common town of Kampong Cham. Prey Nor Kor Knong-Krau sanctuary can be open by the National Road No 7 and turn right by a trail at Dam Nak Cha town. This resort has five trails at people in general social occasion spot of Daun Tey Commune, for example, - The trail at the general population gathering spot of Knar has six-kilometer separation. - The separation from the primary street to Preah Theat is five kilometers. - he separate from the fundamental street to Preah Theat is five kilometers. 

The separation from the trail to Dam Nak Cha is 10 Kilometers. - The separation from Poan Chrey to Prey Nor Kor Knong is 5.3 Kilometers. The resort of Prey Nor Kor Knong-Krau sanctuary is the social event place where the nearby individuals and vacationers meet each other for appreciating prominent recreations and religious reason amid the customary celebration. The Temple of Prey Nor Kor has the same structure to the sanctuary of Sam Bour Prey Kuk, and it was implicit the ninth century. Until the killed arrangement set up by the princess of Kun Bot he had activated troop to battle effectively against the princess. Prey Nor Kor Knong-Krau sanctuary has 2500-square meter landarea comprising of: - Thum Temple: Located on high slope of the Khoeun of present sanctuary. It included three sanctuaries made of strong block: one at the left was totally harmed and other two sanctuaries stay great structures. Inside these two sanctuaries, there are a few statues and broken antiquated items remain. 

The neighborhood individuals trust that the sanctuaries have been secured and kept up by holy soul if sightseers might want to photo the two sanctuaries, they ought to light incense to petition God for remittance first generally the photo of the two sanctuaries don't show up in their cameras.- Preah Theat Temple: Located at the East of Thum sanctuary. It included six sanctuaries, which were harmed by war. At the present, there is one sanctuary remains yet it is just about given way in light of diving looking for fortune. - Preay Theat Pond: Located at the Northeast of the Thum sanctuary. Around then, there was a Pond called Ku Teuk. - Koh A Det or Kor Prak (30 meter length by 20 meter width): or another name called Sras Toem situated at the North of the town. - Tum Nup or Kam Pheng Poat Chum Vinh: Located around the city of Prey Nor Kor Knong-Krau and was planted the unpredictable and difficult to reach wild bamboo. - This dam has rough 10-meter stature, 15-meter vertical edge, and square point; every edge has 2,500 Meters. A few sections of the dam have been harmed.