Phnom Han Chey has official name Chey Kiri Mountain situated at the East of Kampong Cham region, at the northern part of Mekong River. This resort situated at Han Chey town, Han Chey collective,

Kampong Siem District out yonder of 18 kilometers by water and 20 kilometers via land. The mountain can be moved up by 295 excellent stair steps, and has pagoda and the sanctuary of Kuk made of antiquated strong blocks each has seven-square meter size. 

Likewise, there is another sanctuary having square shape made of sandstone situated at the North of pagoda; at the valley of the mountain, there is another sanctuary called Pra Sat Neang Khmao made of stones each has seven-square meter size. The pile of Han Chey has wonderful scenary furthermore has numerous guests; the worldwide guests who go there as gathering by pontoon. As of late, there are numerous vacationer destinations which have been found in the area Kampong Cham; yet not yet worked for voyagers to visit. Along the Mekong River, there are an excellent bank and island of Pen, which have been required by the commonplace guests ho visit there amid the Khmer New Year celebration. 

Phnom Han Chey lies 20kms north of Kompong Cham city, on the banks of the Mekong River and gloats an intriguing gathering of old prasats and advanced pagoda structures. On my late visit the entire range was hurling with individuals commending the P'chum Ben celebration, having gone from distant locations abroad to participate in the functions. My nearness was warmly invited as the main barang in their middle. The site is otherwise called Chey Kiri mountain and for the enthusiastic there's a 295 stage move to the top, or for the more seasoned guests like me, there's a few drivable streets to the top. 

Beside the fundamental vihara at the pagoda of Wat Han Chey, sat on the summit of the mountain and encompassed by stunning perspectives of the Mekong, is an unordinary square sandstone cella with a progression of all around characterized carvings. Over the main way to the cella is a tight lintel which indicates two pictures of the leaning back Vishnu, however shockingly there's no Ananta, the snake on which Vishnu generally lies. the two pictures are organized as enriching components alongside three emblems on what is accepted to be a pre-Angkorean structure, in all probability from the seventh century. 

At the foot of the cella are smaller than usual adapted representations of a bigger sanctuary, just about in the style of the 'flying royal residences' of Sambor Prei Kuk, where a comparable cella lives. Other nonexistent creatures show up in a brightening frieze around the base as well. A bigger stupa-styled solid zenith has been added to the highest point of the cella. By and large an abnormal and intriguing "find" at Wat Han Chey. There are other authentic components to Han Chey, as there are more current and flashy landmarks.