Wat Jroy Thmor, Kampong Cham is considered as a part of the highest vacation spots in Kampong Cham and is gone to by a huge number of voyagers from everywhere throughout the world.

You will be essentially entranced with the excellence of the spot which has held its pioneer flavor with élan. Among the numerous sanctuaries in the locale the Wat Jroy Thmor, Kampong Cham is an unquestionable requirement visit as should be obvious the quintessential kind of Angkor design caught in all parts of the sanctuary. The Wat Joy T’maw is a treat for the eyes and the craftsmanship mates will be wonderfully astonished to see the unpredictable examples and moment model which talks about the brightness of the stone carvers. The Wat Joy T’maw in Kampong Cham is one of the sanctuaries which have elaborate divider artworks which expand on different themes like life, demise and existence in the wake of death. 

The Wat Jroy Thmor, Kampong Cham is situated on the northern end of the River Road and one see the excellent Mekong River from the sanctuary complex. Subsequent to going to the beautiful sanctuary you can sit next to the Mekong River and appreciate a family cookout. The Wat Joy T’maw, Kampong Cham has stayed close for a long stretch in light of the Khmer Rouge slaughter. The sanctuary complex of Wat Joy T’maw, Kampong Cham has been utilized a concealing spot for the neighborhood individuals amid the wars. Wat Joy T’maw has been the seat of learning in the old times and Buddhism bit by bit spread to different districts of Cambodia including Kampong Cham.