Preah Theat Teuk Chhar sanctuaries is a waterway burrowed amid old times. Water fills the waterway year round, and the water is clear and free-streaming, making it prevalent with travelers who appreciate

showering in it. At one time, there were numerous trees and plants along both sides of the waterway, however they were expelled to make a major plain, where the water streams close by the fundamental sanctuary. 

Today, the old lake composed by Leaksintra is an incomprehensible wellspring of water that is contained by a dam manufactured quite a long while prior. The water that fills the waterway streams south from Kampong Cham area, pass the sanctuary and into the enormous opening, which for a long time has been brimming with water that inundates the rice fields of close-by towns, for example, Kroch town in Prey Chhar locale. 

Since the waterway is old, the Ministry of Agriculture has constructed a dam to store water to supply a large number of hectares of rice fields in Prey Chhar region, Kampong Cham region and Baray area in Kampong Thom region. The surface of Teuk Chha is 3 square kilometers. The water that fills it originates from around ten sources in the rocky upper east and the level district, which is called Kbal Teuk. This bowl has a normal profundity of 2 meters. The water moves through three channels. Any two of the channels can be shut down at one time, permitting the water to stream into the third channel and into the dam. The main channel is opened each day, and the quickly streaming water sounds much like a waterfall, drawing in numerous sightseers. The second channel is opened just at times amid celebration days; hence the water stream is not extremely solid. Water from the north channel streams just amid the stormy season, in light of the fact that amid the dry season, the water level is lower than the dam. 

Since the channel of Teuk Chhar is calculated like a woodworker's device, individuals can swim there. Since the water is clear, guests can watch schools of little fish swimming in inverse bearing of the water stream. Moreover, the trees that line the channel bank hold numerous winged animals and give shade and sanctuary to guests. The cool atmosphere alongside the water and enormous trees that encompass the old sanctuary make this site famous with sightseers and local people, who appreciate spending their occasions there. Hence, this spot is exceptionally understood.