Wat Preah Theat Thma Da temple is an antiquated site situated in Preah Theat Thma Da town, Preah Theat collective, O'Rang Oav region, around 38 kilometers southeast of Kampong Cham common town.

Take National Road 7 from Kampong Cham town, turn comfortable Road 11 and proceed to O'Rang Oav area. The site is 8 kilometers down an earth trail.Wat Preah Theat Thma Da sanctuary is 190 meters in length and 60 meters wide. The sanctuary incorporates Preah Theat sanctuary and a lake that is 180 meters wide and 950 meters in length. The water in the lake is clear. It is called Tonle Sa Ngout. Along the passage to the sanctuary is another sanctuary called Preah Vihear Preah Chul Nipean. At one time there was a statue of the leaning back Buddha achieving nirvana, yet the statue was stolen. 


There are various statues in Wat Preah Theat Thma Da that nearby individuals adore. They incorporate statues of Atitep Vero, Kongchak, Hekpous, Srei Krupleak, Tuosmuk and Angkrong Pleung.Behind the sanctuary there is another lobby Meru Mena worked amid French pioneer times. At the front entryway, there is a Meru with a lintel (a level pillar that backings the heaviness of the divider over an entryway) that is etched on sandstone. Quite a bit of it has been harmed. Inside Meru, is a model of Haothi Neang Umaparvati, which the Brahmans worshiped. It is trusted that if a coconut is dropped into the opening inside Meru, the coconut will show up amidst the lake. Meru was constructed was on the site of an old sanctuary.