Teuk Chhar is a gathering of sanctuaries in Thmo Da town, Beung Nay collective and Thmei town, Krouch commune in Kroch Chhmar district, around 39 kilometers from Kampong Cham common town.

Guests can reach Preah Theat Teuk Chhar by taking National Road 7 from Kampong Cham, turn comfortable common street and drive 13 kilometers before turning right again and driving another 5 kilometers along a waterway trail, to the sanctuary site. The sanctuaries were built in AD 1005, amid the rule of King Suryavarman I. As proposed by King's consultant Chung Chheal (additionally named Chekngak Khealleah or Leaksintra), the King consented to manufacture these sanctuaries, and Leaksintra began development on the site called Sithiborya that which claimed by the King, who likewise contributed cash. Leaksintra, notwithstanding, utilized his charismatic skill to urge the neighborhood individuals to contribute cash also, until the venture was done.

One of the sanctuaries houses a Shiva lingam named Sreipatresvara, and two holiness statues called Paramesvara and Sarasvata at both sides. Another cavelike sanctuary accepted to house a divine being is situated along a channel, close to a waterfall. Gravely harmed throughout the years, stand out door jamb remains today, and it is congested with vegetation. The designer uncovered an expansive lake on the right half of the sanctuary called Leaksintrada. A brilliant Silva lingam was kept amidst the lake. Close-by, a town of rich individuals was shaped. What's more, individuals from adjacent towns were welcome to live there, as well, and the town soon turned into a swarmed however bright town. Leaksintra told the lord of the new town, and the ruler went there to commend the town's initiation in AD 1025. He gave the city various endowments, including 29 fighters and a rice field that encompassed the sanctuary.

He had lakes burrowed and a colossal court worked for celebration festivities, and he gave enrichments for the sanctuary. He named the site Leaksintrabot out of appreciation for its engineer, Leaksintra. Later, the site turned into a spot for religious love. The religions rehearsed changed from ruler to lord. A few rulers rehearsed Brahmanism, while some honed Mahayana Buddhism. Others were Theravada Buddhists, which clarifies why there are such a large number of little sanctuaries at Preah Theat Teuk Chhar. On the whole, there are 551 little sanctuaries which are affected by Brahmanism and Buddhism.Some of the sanctuaries contain statues of saints who gave their lives for the country. Huge numbers of the sanctuaries were obliterated by years of war. Others were vigorously harmed. Today, friars and guests to the site seek with expectations of finding the name and establishments of these sanctuaries so they may be modified. A few sanctuaries have been remade as of now, their wood and tile material supplanted with cement.