Phnom Srey Phnom Pros situated at Kro La Commune, Kampong Siem District in Seven-kilometers separation from the commonplace town of Kampong Cham or 114-kilometers separation from Phnom Penh

with surpassing 500 Meters to one side. The pagoda of Phnom Pros has official name called What Sovan Kiri Rotanak Phnom Pros; in 1000 Meters toward the North, there is another mountain, which has pointed crest called Phnom Srey.

North of the Phnom Srey, there are positions of mountains, for example, piles of Dang Rek, Ba Ley and Chhuk. The heap of Pros has dull top and has estimated 30-meter tallness. It can be come to by street until the top. At the top, there are a high-five crest sanctuary adjusted the model of Bontey Srey sanctuary and two pagodas shut to each other: one is the old pagodas having two tops implicit Sang Kum Reas Niyum time and the other one is being manufactured. Under the sanctuary, there is a major statue with 15-meter tallness worked by the primary dead of pagoda, named Keo So. At the mountain base, there are Kot for friars sitting tight.

Furthermore, at the highest point of Pros Mountain we can see the wonderful scene of Kampong Cham region. From 1975-1979, the heap of Pros was a major detainment place for tormenting Cambodian individuals in Kampong Cham territory. The heap of Srey has pointed top and can be ascended by 308 Stair steps. At the top, there is a demolished sanctuary, with a couple of nuns and no ministers who stay to keep up and gather commitment to modify the sanctuary. In this resort, there are numerous neighborhood individuals who go there amid the Khmer customary celebrations, for example, Khmer New Year and Pchum Ben. The region of Kampong Cham is situated on the banks of the Mekong River that lies around 50 kilometers north of Phnom Penh. Phnom Srey and Phnom Pros, Kampong Cham is an awesome spot to visit in the Kampong Cham territory. The district of Kampong Cham has a history going back numerous hundreds of years and the rich legacy and society is clear from the remaining parts of the antiquated archeological fortune. The Phnom Srey and Phnom Pros, Kampong Cham is one such unfathomable fortune of the area which merits going by.

The Phnom Srey and Phnom Pros, Kampong Cham is situated at Kro La Commune, which is at a separation of seven kilometers from the commonplace town of Kampong Cham. The Phnom Srey and Phnom Pros in Kampong Cham is the name of a mountain crest that has a place with a mountain range surpassing 500 meters to one side. The northern piece of Phnom Srey and Phnom Pros of Kampong Cham is encompassed by breathtaking piles of Dang Rek, Ba Ley and Chhuk. You will likewise locate a high-five crest sanctuary on the Phnom Srey and Phnom Pros, Kampong Cham. The sanctuary is inherent the type of Bontey Srey sanctuary. You will likewise discover two pagodas that are found near each other. One of the pagodas incorporates two tops inherent Sang Kum Reas Niyum time and the other one has been as of late manufactured. Beneath the sanctuary, you will locate a major statue, which is 15-meter in tallness and is named as Keo So.

At the base of the Phnom Han Chey of Kampong Cham, there are Kot for friars. Here you will discover friars staying in the Kots. As you ascend to the Phnom Srey and Phnom Pros, you will get the chance to see the delightful view of the whole Kampong Cham territory. This Khmer race of the region has left a great legacy for the world to marvel at, and the religious remembrances worked by them stand as an everlasting proof to the imagination of the human insight. The various Tourist Attractions in Kampong Cham convey the proof of the predominance of this race.

Phnom Srei deciphers into Man Hill and Women Hill separately. The basic legend told about these slopes is that two groups (one of men and one of ladies) were contending to construct the tallest mountain before dawn. This opposition happened on the grounds that the Khmer custom was that a man expected to go to the woman?s guardians to approach authorization for wedding, and the men were testing this. As the story goes, the ladies lit a flame around evening time, which made the men trust that the sun was rising. They quit working, and the ladies won the opposition. In this way men still need to approach the ladies' folks for consent, and Phnom Srei is higher than Phnom Pros.

There are present day ridge sanctuaries on each of the slopes that you can investigate. Phnom Srei additionally offers great wide open perspectives, while Phnom Pros is thought to be a decent unwinding spot. Between the two slopes is the area of the Kompong Cham killing frelds.In old times, there was a ruler named Srei Ayuthiya. Since no man could propose to such a wonderful, respectable lady, she chose to pick the man of her own inclination for her significant other. After that, it turned into the custom in the nation that a lady proposed to a man.

A few ladies, particularly the individuals who were not all that engaging, were extremely miserable with this game plan and needed to change the custom. One day, the ladies brainstormed a trap to make the men come to propose to them once more. Every one of the ladies assembled for a meeting. Around then, the ladies utilized their trap. They challenged the men for a contest.If the men won this opposition, all would continue as before and ladies would need to keep soliciting the hand from the men, while if the ladies won, the men would need to solicit the hand from the ladies. Chip away at the mountain must proceed until the morning star rose, and afterward they could stop.

The men trusted it is anything but difficult to win this challenge, since they were much more grounded and could convey more earth, so they acknowledged the challenge. Both began buckling down, burrowing the earth to fabricate the mountain, and the men were obviously winning the competition.In the center of the night, while the men took a rest, the ladies hung a light far up in a tall tree. The men, seeing the light of the lamp, believed that it was the morning star and went to rest, persuaded they had won. In any case, the ladies kept building their mountain. At the point when the sunshine arrived, their mountain was higher that the one from the men. They woke up the men and demonstrated to them the morning star.