Battambang, Phnom Kdoung, In the event that one is searching for a traveler destination which is untainted then set out toward the Phnom Kdoung, Battambang. Frequently appraised among the best and mainstream,

vacation spots in Battambang, the Phnom Kdoung has helped the tourism in the second biggest city of Cambodia. The most effective method to get to Phnom Kdoung, Battambang. Phnom Kdoung in Battambang is simply 14 kilometers from the common town. Situated at Kdoung Village at Banann District, the Phnom Kdoung otherwise called the Ship Sail Mountain has turned out to be progressively mainstream among the residential and universal explorers at the city. One can either profit a visit bundle which incorporates the Phnom Kdoung, Battambang in its schedule or by and by book a taxi or jeep to trek down the town of Kdoung to see the Phnom Kdoung.