Battambang, Situated on the east bank of the Sanker River, the sanctuary is a straightforward and once-over spot. There is a strange divider painting on the outside of the sanctuary that elements an advancing story of an awful buddy

that evidently executed his own mom lastly needed to board a pontoon destined for hellfire. Unusual, for sure. 

The intriguing component of this wat is the Angkor reproduction around 110 meters sown a soil way from the back range of the sanctuary. It was implicit 1969 over a little solid pool and is the pride of the ministers staying there. They say spirits and relics of expired ministers are housed inside. Battambang is not short on sanctuaries and you will see numerous more around town and while in transit to the sights outside of town. 

Wat Gahndahl, Battambang is famous vacation spot in the city. Battambang is one of the biggest and the most populated city in Cambodia. The city brags of numerous fascinating spots of touring which has made the city one of the biggest vacationer destinations in Cambodia. Wat Gahndahl, Battambang is among numerous other well known attractions that the guests ought not miss. 

Wat Gahndahl is a religious focus and a sanctuary thought to be one of the real vacation destinations in Battambang. The city of Battambang is known for various antiquated sanctuaries and religious spots. The explorers must visit every one of these spots. The sanctuaries and other fascinating spots can be investigated by different day treks and journey visits to the encompassing spots. 

The old sanctuary is arranged at the Eastern shores of the stream and a fascinating spot to be gone to by the religious and in addition standard explorers. The sanctuary highlights an intriguing structure particularly the outside parts. The structure of the sanctuary was built in 1969 on a little solid pool. 

The outside dividers of the sanctuary demonstrate a bizarre nearby story. As per the legends, there used to be a terrible kid who slaughtered his mom and as an outcome of that needed to go to hellfire by boarding a watercraft. This story is engraved on the dividers of the sanctuary.