Battambang, Phnom Banan is about 22 kilometers to the south of Battambang province, but it's really worth a go to in case you have a time to spare. Like Ek Phnom, Phnom Banan is also initially eleventh century-built,

though it saw a Buddhist makeover at some stage in the twelfth century and reign of Jayarvarman VII. The temple is built on pinnacle of a hill overlooking the Sangke river and there’s a 358-step climb to the pinnacle, where five towers precariously stay. This web site has been pretty badly pillaged –- a few appears current -– and its carvings are in terrible situation, although some of the Buddha photos within the sandstone primary tower are rumoured to be original. optimistically the others plus missing lintels are within the Battambang museum.

The closely wooded hillside may additionally properly still disguise mines so don’t go off piste and whilst we’d be detest to condone slicing down bushes, you do have issues seeing the fantastic view from the pinnacle of the hill via the plants and branches. at the summit a few industrious drink dealers are probable to emerge, and they'll also be satisfied to reveal you around the temple and then the small caves underneath at the left (while looking on the ruins from the stairs). those are properly really worth exploring, although notice the cave front is sort of at the base of the hill, so make certain you're finished with the ruins before you agree to head down. Be warned that the doorway to the caves is so small you want to wriggle thru in your belly.
If it is a gradual day — very commonplace here — all the kids will provide to come with you, however they may all count on some thing for coming along. ordinary, even as Phnom Banan isn’t as impressive as Wat Ek, the drive out here is satisfactory and may be combined with other stops on the way to make a half-day trip.