Battambang, Phnom Sampov is a characteristic site situated along National Road 57 in Sampov Commune, Battambang region, about 12Kilometers of Battambang city. On a 100-meter-high mountain stands a pagoda and three

common hollows: Pkasla, Lakhaon and Aksopheak. Pkasla hole is loaded with evacuated stones and is viewed as critical on the grounds that it is the place Phnom Sampov inhabitants come to celebrate after a marriage. Beside Phnom Sampov are a few imperative mountain bunches, including Phnom Kdaong, Phnom Krapeu(The Crocodile Mountain), Phnom Trung Moan, Phnom Trung Teat and Phnom Neang Romsay Sok. All are identified with the Khmer Folktale titled Reachkol Neang Romsay Sok. 

Phnom Sampov signifies 'Boat mountain' since its particular shape helps to remember a boat. This incredible 100 meters high mountain, topped by Wat Sampov, contains 3 regular holes, lined with Buddhist holy places and statues: Pkasla, Lakhaon and Aksopheak. Pkasla cavern is brimming with evacuated stones and is viewed as imperative in light of the fact that Sampov tenants go there to celebrate after a marriage. A few caverns were utilized by the Khmer Rouges as executing holes. Skeletons of their casualties still stay in the caverns. The wat is drawn closer by a flight of 700 stairs. It is not uncommon but rather the perspective is fabulous. By Phnom Sampov are a few imperative mountain groups. 

Phnom Sampov ascends from the rice paddys of Southwestern Cambodia to a stature of just 2500 feet, by my exceptionally liberal evaluation. So why would it be a good idea for it to have a page here? A couple reasons:First, Cambodia does not have a solitary mountain as of now recorded on Summitpost, notwithstanding the way that Cambodia really has some consummately respectable mountains (counting Phnom Aural, at 5,948 feet) set in the absolute most biologically remarkable settings on the planet. Perhaps Phnom Sampov is not the most fascinating mountain in Cambodia, but rather it is a decent begin. 

Found around 15 kilometers outside of Cambodia's second biggest city , Battambang, Phnom Sampov lays on the Northern end of the D?mrei Mountains (truly "Elephant Mountains"), which fall into the Gulf of Thailand toward the South and associate with the Kr?vanh Mountains (actually "Cardamom Mountains") toward the East. Phnom Sampov is made out of limestone and dabbed with hollows, and was a critical setting for fights between the Khmer Rouge and military powers in the 1980s. This legacy still denote the mountain in two ways: first is the maturing hostile to air ship weapons arranged close to the top, and second is the nearness of human remains- - a result of the Khmer Rouge's genodical crusades - that can at present be found in the collapses Phnom Sampov. Not for the cheerful, precisely, but rather essential and vital. Phnom Sampov additionally houses two imperative Buddhist wats. 

Phnom Sampov is filled with significantly a greater number of caverns than you can access without placing yourself in genuine threat (see "formality"). This gets to be evident at sunset, when millions- - actually, millions- - of little bats come blasting out of the mountain in a few bearings. They shape a constant flow toward the farmland, where they spend the night stuffing themselves with creepy crawlies. In the event that this isn't self-evident, you might need to leave the caverns before dusk.The bats are a long way from the scariest thing in the hollows, in any case. The Khmer rouge executed a large number of individuals on Phnom Sampov, and numerous were tossed through the top of one of the caverns and left incredible the frosty and dull. One case of this can be found close to the summit (any of the friars can demonstrate you, in spite of the fact that the might need a gift). A portion of the bones left in the hole can be found in a pen, others are heaped close to the walkway. Wow. 

Phnom Sampov is a standout amongst the most well known guest attractions in the entire of Cambodia ? also, taking a gander at it, it is not hard to see why! This fascination can be discovered 12 kilometers southwest of the city of Battambang and is saturated with history and legend. Phnom Sampov is a name that each Cambodian will be acquainted with, to a great extent because of the legend of Rumsay Sok that is connected with the hillside.A visit to Phnom Sampov basically begins with a move of 700 stages to the top. There is likewise a solidified street which you can use to stroll up or take a motoride to the summit. Arranged on the ridge is a wonderful pagoda that gives stunning perspectives of the encompassing wide open. And in addition the pagoda, which was really utilized as a jail and torment focus amid the season of the Khmer Rouge, there are a progression of holy places and statues to be found along the way. It is in all likelihood that you will visit Phnom Sampov to investigate the normal hollows and caves that have participated in a standout amongst the most horrendous genocides in mankind's history.