Battambang, Sek Sork is the regular resort, which has been prominent since before the common war time. Sek Sork extends along the stream bank brimming with plant, trees and bamboo-green nature in 500-meter length.

With respect to Sek Sork, travelers can likewise visit other alluring locales like Pich Chenda Dangtung water bubble amd Laang Spean Andet site.Sek Sak situated in Treng cooperative, Rotanak Mondul District in 50-kilometer separate southwest of the common town of Battambang along the National Road No 57, the previous National Road No 10. 

Sek Sork, Battambang is one of the wonderful spots that a nature adoring explorer will get a kick out of the chance to investigate. This is a characteristic resort which has remained a well known vacationer spot for quite a while. It is prevalently known as the Sek Sak Resort and the region lies on the banks of a waterway. The region is loaded with bunches of trees and green vegetation making it a picturesque heaven. Sek Sork, Battambang is an understood spot which got to be renowned particularly amid the season of Civil War. 

Amid the Trip to Battambang, you will discover Sek Sork is situated at Treng cooperative which lies in Rotanak Mondul District. This spot is situated at a separation of 50 kilometer far from the commonplace town of Battambang and you are to take the National Road No 57 keeping in mind the end goal to come to the Sek Sak Resort. This street was beforehand known as the National Road No 10. The adventure through this street will be wonderful and hence, it is normal that the entire outing will be charming and loaded with heaps of fun and fervor. 

In the district of Sek Sork in Battambang, you will discover huge number of vegetation which comprises of herbs, bushes, trees of various species and bamboo trees. The bamboo trees that are accessible in the region are of 500 meters of tallness getting the sightseers' consideration. The spot is one of the prominent outing destinations where experience adoring aficionados affection to come and make the most of their endeavor. 

Sek Sork is one of the critical Battambang Attractions, where you will get a kick out of the chance to visit some different locales that are situated in the adjoining regions. There are other intriguing spots like Po Pus Pich Chen Da Dong Tong and Sa Ang talk. These are the spots which are of colossal noteworthy significance and are in this way incorporated into the legacy trips. These spots are a portion of the imperative destinations where human advancement appeared in the pre-notable periods. Every one of these spots are arranged in around five to six kilometers far from each other.