Battambang, Wat Damrey Sor (White Elephant Pagoda), Battambang is one of the much of the time got to vacationer spots that is arranged in the downtown area territory. This celebrated sanctuary is situated in one of

the bustling locale of the city which can be advantageous to get to making this sanctuary one of the prime Battambang attractions. Wat Damrey Sor (White Elephant Pagoda), Battambang is a sanctuary which is known for its elaborate design structure. 

On the off chance that you are to visit this prevalent tourism destination, you are to take one of the streets known not Road 2 or Road 3. Street 2 is nearly busier than Road 3. There are street side shops and diners that you will get as you take one of the two streets. Additionally, being found near the downtown area range, there are numerous inns and hotel destinations that you will get in this a player in the city. Along these lines, it is very simple for the voyagers staying in this locale to visit this sanctuary. 

The best time to visit the White Elephant Pagoda in Battambang is amid the season of Khmer New Year celebration. It is amid this time the sanctuary and the nearby roads are especially enriched with different brilliant adornments making it more lovely. You will jump at the chance to join in this vital celebration of the spot and also appreciate the stunning creative models and splendid building outlines. These intricate plans make it one of the truly worth going by destinations in Cambodia. 

Wat Damrey Sor in Battambang is thought to be one of the imperative touring places subsequent to separated from being a popular engineering point of interest, it is additionally a spot known for its bounteous excitement choices. A portion of the claims to fame that are incorporated into the beguilement choices are established moving went with conventional music. Especially at the season of Khmer New Year celebration there are loads of celebrations and festivities that are sorted out in the boulevards near the sanctuary premises. One necessary thing that is imprints the customs of the celebration is that individuals toss a lot of water blended with shaded powder at the assembled masses as a good fortunes wish and favored them with fun and flourishing. 

Decisively, vacationers ought to result in these present circumstances put particularly amid the season of Khmer New Year celebration keeping in mind the end goal to appreciate a visit to this White Elephant Pagoda in Battambang and also take a dynamic cooperation in the celebration.