Angkor Wat signifies "Capital city" – that lead by King which is a sanctuary. It was constructed 1000 years back by the rule of ruler Suryavarman II in the right on time of the twelfth century . The evaluated time for development of this sanctuary is around 30 years.

Its such quite a while and the engineering arrangement is exceptionally awesome and the models for Angkor at first, there are uncommon on the sub-landmass. There has been impressive level headed discussion amongst researchers with respect to whether Angkor Wat was worked as a sanctuary or a tomb.

It is by and large acknowledged that the engineering and adornment distinguish as a sanctuary where a divine being was revered and that it was a sepulcher for the King after his passing. All the more ever Angkor Wat is in spite of different landmarks which face to west like Sun blossom, this accentuation on the west affirms with the imagery between the setting sun and passing.